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Medicated FET at NUH

If you are wondering how a medicated FET experience will be like at NUH, here's a blow by blow account:-

A. Process with NUH Step 1 : alert NUH CHR when period comes.

Step 2 : CHR will call to tell when to start Progynova. Note that for Progynova, it is 1 tablet twice a day for the first 4 days, 2 tablets twice a day for the next 4 days and 3 tablets twice a day for the days until pregnancy test.

Step 3 : doctor checks your lining on any day between Day 12 to 14 - mine was 10mm at day 12 so no more checks or additional meds.

Step 4 : doc schedules the transfer date and prescribes progesterone either crinone inserts or daily injections*. I took the daily injections and go to the GP daily for a jab. Remember to buy the needles and syringes when collecting the injections. Somehow the pharmacist is not clear about that.

* Note that the norm in SG is crinone gels but I was not comfortable with crinone inserts and asked my doctor to prescribe the injection instead. If you choose to do this, you can either go to GP (around $15 per jab) or ask your hubby to learn and do it for you.

Step 5 : Progesterone injections- there are 4 steps to this to make it comfortable for you - (a) ice the area you want jabbed (b) when injecting, insert needle slowly and insert the progesterone oil SLOWLY (c) after the injection, pat pat the area as much as you can to encourage the oil to flow (d) apply a hot pack (but not too hot).

Step 6 - Day of Transfer Register at counter at a time informed by CHR. Go to pee at the time CHR nurse mentioned to you. Then during check in, change into the gown and refill bottle to start drinking at the time CHR advised.

Your bladder does not need to be bursting. Just enough for the doc to be able to do an ultrasound.

You will sit outside the OT area to wait for your turn.

Once in the room, you CAN WEAR SOCKS (so please bring warm socks) and get on the bed, legs apart and doc starts the procedure.

The 15-20 min procedure can be comfortable and the more your relax, no pain, just the feeling of something that is not as nice as a penis in your vagina. Then the embryologist comes in with the embryo and the procedure is over in less than 30 seconds after that.

Post op recovery isnt that comfortable if they have no beds so i would bring a eye covers to be able to sleep properly for the 2 hours they make us wait. My husband brought soup for lunch and it was a great way to warm up the body.

Step 7 : THE WAIT - the TWW is pretty emotional so you need a support system to keep you positive. I just watched lots of "The Office" and read 2 whole books. I had some spotting on 11th day after transfer. This could signify low progesterone or implantation bleeding.

Step 8: The BETA test - NUH usually schedules this on 11th day post transfer. I suggest downloading the MyHealthHUB app so that you get your results (within 1.5 hours) before the nurse from CHR has time to call you.

Step 9 : Doctor will see you if your test is positive and prescribe a confirmatory test in 48 hours. At the same time, likely to prescribe progesterone jabs once a week + duphaston on top of the daily 3 tabs twice a day of progynova.

Step 10 : wait for the scan - to me this is the big step showing whether u are successful because as I wait, I realise so many things could be giving me the positive test result so best to wait until I hear my baby's heartbeat

B. Other things you can do to prepare

Every day, I made sure to have the following foods:-

  1. Avocado

  2. Pomegranate Juice

  3. Egg whites of 2 hard boiled eggs

  4. Vitamins

  5. Lots of Water

I kept to a very simple diet. One time I ate a very spicy dish my mom made and had diarrhea.

Also continue to do a lot of meditation and prayer.

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