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So, you decided to start trying for a BABY

The FIRST STEP is to prepare both your bodies for conceiving and take the following actions:-

  • Stop birth control;

  • Schedule a check up for you and your partner - find out if you need to take additional supplements or medication;

  • Eat healthy - start a Pre-pregnancy Diet, avoid alcohol as much as possible, moderate caffeine intake, etc; 

  • Follow healthy lifestyle habits - exercise regularly to promote blood circulation, avoid smoking, stressful environments or sleeping late.

The NEXT STEP is the fun part - have sexual intercourse...if you are having sex regularly and not falling pregnant, you need to:-

  • Time your sex during your fertile window - you can use apps such as Flo or CLUE to track your cycle and identify your fertile window;

  • Be super relaxed when having sex - play some music, enjoy each other before actually having intercourse....whatever calms the female partner down and puts her in a very relaxed mood;

  • Consider different sexual positions that can make it easier to get pregnant. There is, however, no clear scientific claim to any position being the most effective. Stay in bed after intercourse or lady to put her feet up or Viparita Karani after ejaculation.

Diagnosing Infertility

If you are still not pregnant after 6 months of trying correctly (i.e., sex during fertile window), you should carry out a more thorough fertility assessment. In Singapore, you can do this at the polyclinic (which will likely refer you to public hospital) or directly with private OB-GYN.

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