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Is it really a two week wait ?

Many of us going through the fertility journey have heard of the 2 week wait or the 2WW during which time we dont know if our embryo has implanted, or whether we will get that red spot on our undies....

Well having gone through my first IVF, I want to share that for me, its really a 5 week wait. The beta test only tells u if you are pregnant based on the hormones.

Then you need to scan to see if there are yolc sacs in your uterus and not fallopian tubes.

Finally, the test to show your baby's that an actual baby is growing in the sacs.

Total time from date of transfer...approx 5 weeks.

Just be prepared and if you have friends and family supporting you through this journey, let them know that its 5 weeks and not 2 weeks. Or you will get whatsapp or calls from all your well meaning friends but struggle to answer because you yourself are not 100% sure.

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