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Unlike most couples, I faced infertility after naturally conceiving both my sons. Hi, my name is Kim. And this is my story. Ever since I was a little girl, I always knew I wanted a big family. I got married at 27 and decided to start a family after a year or so. We were extremely lucky to get pregnant very fast. Having 2 boys was such a handful, but deep down I knew I wanted one more to complete our family.

At the age of 34, we started trying again, thinking that it would happen as fast as it did with our first 2, but after a year of trying and nothing happening, we decided to get ourselves checked out. We found out that my husband suddenly had sperm motility issues, therefore he had to start taking medication to improve them. I also started taking Clomid and we continued trying for another 2 years and was overjoyed to finally get pregnant but 4 months into the pregnancy during a scan, we found out that the baby no longer had a heartbeat, and I was experiencing a missed miscarriage which resulted in an emergency d&c.

Amidst the heartache, we started trying again about 3 months later. And continued for another 6 months but still nothing. We consulted a fertility doctor who did another set of blood tests, and this time found out that my AMH was low. The doctor then suggested going for an IUI. We proceeded to fail 2 IUIs, in which we also found out that I had some type of abnormal bleeding in my uterus which was causing problems with implantation so doctors thought an IVF would be better, we proceeded with another 2 IVFs over the next 2 years which failed and we finally found out the reason for my infertility. I had a defect in my uterus, my uterus lining was paper thin and would rupture if I were to get pregnant, and I also had Adenomyosis and Endometriosis. After discussion with a great doctor, the decision came to undergo a Robotic Laparoscopic surgery and I underwent a 12 hour surgery with 3 doctors. It was definitely a terrifying experience, which I'm glad is over. We then had to take an 8 month break for things to heal, after which we underwent another transfer. Unfortunately, that failed as well as we are now waiting to do another transfer next month.

My biggest takeaway from all of this is seeing the lack of support for ladies facing infertility in Singapore and starting Fertility Support SG with a group of like minded ladies who are absolutely amazing. We hope to support couples who are going through these difficult times as well as to provide them with the necessary information they should know and have before embarking on this journey. Regardless of whether you are trying for your 1st, 2nd or even 5th child, the pain of not being able to have a child is still there. I wish everyone reading this all of the best and that you will be able to complete your family soon!

Lots of Love,

Low AMH, Secondary Infertility, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis

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