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Before 35, I was certain that I didn't want kids. That resulted in many years of putting off trying for a child, until I read an article on how chances deteriorate drastically after 36. I went straight into IVF due to my advanced age, and went through 3 fresh cycles, 2 frozen cycles, 2 miscarriages, fibroid surgeries, thinning lining and other conditions like a Mutated Gene and Anti-phospholipid Syndrome (commonly known as sticky blood), different treatments and medications before a successful IVF that resulted in my lovely 2 year old. I know how it is to feel like being stuck in a journey that seems to go nowhere, and to have a million questions unanswered. I hope my experiences can help shed some light, or help other women save some time and heartache in their own fertility journey, or simply offer some comfort in knowing that they're not alone.

Fibroids, Thinning Blood, Mutated Gene, APS (Anti-phospholipid Syndrome)

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