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New mother of twins and co-parent of a menagerie of rescued dogs, rabbits and birds
By drawing on her own experiences from multiple rounds of unsuccessful fertility treatments, Daphne hopes to empower, connect and grow a supportive and optimistic community, together with the team at FSS.

Nearly all of us have someone in our lives who has experienced the heartache of infertility, but yet the dialogue around it remains largely shrouded in secrecy and isolation.

We embarked on our tumultuous and often lonely journey unexpectedly in late 2016. It is important for women to develop an understanding of our own fertility potential, in order to make informed decisions for the purpose of fertility optimization or infertility prevention.

After four miscarriages, including one mid-term loss, 3 IUIs and 9 transfers later, I wished I was more proactive in seeking knowledge about the options available to us, so that my path to motherhood could have been more on my terms.

While our individual journey may all be different, we share the same painful challenges, whether emotionally, physically or financially. I am here in this community to do my little bit to contribute to the growing conversation; to shed light on fertility issues with sensitivity and empathy and to bring awareness to the mental health effects and the often unacknowledged pain of pregnancy loss.

Hashimoto thyroiditis, Unexplained infertility

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